Kuwadzana Pastor causes stir makes people sleep stomps over congregants


A KUWADZANA pastor has torched a storm after boasting of possessing power to make people sleep in church.

Not only did he put congregants into a deep state of slumber, but he went on to stamp on their stomachs in a somewhat abusive demonstration of power.

Apostle Joshua Gambe, founder of Harvest Family International Ministry last week had his congregants under his feet to demonstrate his power as he also claimed to be able to turn water into wine.



They sleep just as good as dead and to demonstrate that they are really unconscious, I will step on top of them and jump up and down on them.

“I went on to call women who weigh 80kg to step on them and jump up and down on them and by the time I resurrect them they will be amazed to see pictures and they will feel no pain whatsoever on their body.”

Apostle Gambe added that many other healings takes place.

The church, which is in Kuwadzana Extension, has courted controversy because of the pastor’s controversial demonstrations of power.

Like other miracle-obsessed churches, Apostle Gambe will hold all night services, like the one he term

Success Night” on October 28, where he promises “many miracles of healing and deliverances as well as signs and wonders.”

There he shall “also unveil new oil of success during the service.”

“We started in a garage at house in Kuwadzana extension with less than ten people but the ministry has grown to more than 300 every Sunday in less than two years,” he claims.

The apostle also reportedly changed water to wine and gave it to the congregants to drink until some got drunk.

Apostle Gambe, last week had his congregants dining with the wine miracle, a demonstration he defended as purely the work of God.

Some of the videos of the controversial miracle are already circulating on social media where women are visibly seen to be most affected by the ‘wine’.

Speaking to H-Metro, he said:

“I speak an instruction to bottled water to turn into wine and to prove that the water has obeyed the given instruction. I will then give some of the congregants to drink and they will get drunk visibly. They say the water still tastes like normal water but once you drink one gets drunk.

“I strongly agree with the bible when Paul wrote in 1 Corithians 4:20, ‘for the kingdom of God is not in mere talk only but in the demonstration of power and when you look at the ministry of Jesus it was characterised by miracles, signs and wonders, actually I always say if you take away miracles, signs and wonders from Jesus then you don’t have a real Jesus.’

“Again in Acts 8:6 the bible says the people heard and saw all the miraculous signs he did they all paid close attention, so I believe we are in an era where we need to restore the miracles, signs and wonders just as it was in the days of Jesus and the apostles.

“So the reason of this miracle is to show everyone that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

“If he did it in John 2 at the wedding of Canna he can still do it today. That means if he can turn water into wine, he can also turn your poverty, heal every disease, and he can deliver you from every form of oppression,” he said.

Source-H Metro