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Kusvirwa paToll Gate – Married woman explains how she CHEATED in South Africa



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Kusvirwa paToll Gate – Married woman explains how she CHEATED in South Africa. Haa zvekuti I am a married woman zvakapera zvese ndaona chimboro chababa ava chaive chipfupi asi chakakora chine zimusoro rinenge bhuru mango kukura. Ndakanyepera kuramba asi all I wanted was kuti vandinyengere, ivo vakazviona kuti yaive bhaizi kuramba ndonyikidza zimboro riye mukati. Size does matter but it’s not only length u have to consider mboro dhafu inokutsemura panyowani. I felt beche rangu richitsemuka apa chirume chichisekerera chakanditarisa, ndakatunda hangu ipapo.

Ok here is how it all started… My name is Chiedza and I sell clothes that I buy from SA so this trip seeing kuti mabhazi arikunetsa I went on and looked for transport and this chibaba chinonzi Masasi eHarare had placed an advert that read “Going to Zim with small or no luggage Call me”.
I called the man and he picked me up from Calton Centre in Joburg. Ndanga ndakachena asikana ndine kaSummer dress kangu nemapumps hangu as I was laying low. The dress had bright colours just the way I like them and ndikati ndakasvika, kubatana chaiko kwekuti mboro inomira wandiona 1 day.

Masasi akasvika akati handei tisabatwe netraffic. According to him we were supposed to pick up some guy in Midrand but when we were almost there the guy had switched off his phone saka dhara rakarova mota straight towards Pretoria. He stopped just after first toll gate and asked me to come sit in the front with him so that we can talk without him looking backwards. He seemed like a nice guy so I said fine. Masasi akarova mota akananga Polokwane and we got to talking after seeing my wedding ring he asked about my husband and I told him all the good stuff abt my hubby. I asked about his wife and he said she had died from cancer 3 yrs back. I felt sorry for him but he told me it was fine as it was true love and her was happy to have met her. He went on and explained how lonely it gets sometimes especially finding the right person pasviro.

Maybe that is why I let what happened next happen I felt sorry for the poor man…
Somehow nyaya dzedu went to sviro and he asked me what women prefer these days. I blushed but managed to answer him. I said: “ini ndoda murume ane contol pakutunda kwake and who takes care of my needs. Akangoziva pekukisser and pekubata then beche rese ndomuta” I realised after saying it that i had said beche out loud, ndakanzwa kunyara but he just looked at me ndokuti “don’t worry we are all grown ups here.” So i got a little relaxed and we continued talking. He said a joke about hure rakasvirwa muNight Club and we laughed. Tichiseka kudaro ndakaona ruoko rwake on my lap skin to skin chaiyo. When i looked at his had i felt electricity shock moving from his hand spreading through my whole body…

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