Kusvirwa neMurume weShamwari yangu PART 2 – Cathy anonditi ndisvirwe nemurume wake akatarisa


Kusvirwa neMurume weShamwari yangu PART 2 – Cathy anonditi ndisvirwe nemurume wake akatarisa!!! Tino akabuda ndikasara ndichichema as i had been friends with Cathy since primary school and it only took a few beers and nyere to throw that away. I felt bad. I could not sleep. Around 7 ndanga ndatobuda ndisina kana kumboti bye….. I went home and ran a bath and lay there in the tub thinking about what i had done. I made a decision and told myself that i would come clean to my friend Cathy.

I finished my bath and took my phone and sent an App message to Cathy telling her i was coming over. She didn’t reply and just went there all the same. It was a sunny day so i was in my short skirt and red high heels with matching hand bag. I wore my gucci sun glassed and went to the care. I felt beautiful and smart but deep down i felt guilty.

I got to Cathy and Tino’s house but Tino was out so we sat in the shed me and Cathy and i started crying and she hugged me and asked me what was wrong. I opened up and told her everything. At first she SCREAMED “You did WHAT with TINO?!!” i looked at her and she was fuming and i was quiet. I didn’t know what to say but i knew that our friendship might be over. She screamed for about 3 minutes calling me names and i just took everything quietly. I said i was sorry and got into my car and left.

I sent her a message explaining how it was all my fault after seeing that couple poking in the guest room. I told her i was sorry and i would understand if she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. She didn’t reply. So i got home chilled a bit and tried to watch Channel O as i knew i could not focus on any movies. I took out my fav wine Merlot, and started drinking slowly watching women dancing on Channel O. I got a message from Tino saying he was coming over. I told him NOT to come but he insisted saying he was almost there.

I heard Tino’s car at the gate and went to open for him. When i opened the gate i was shocked to see Cathy in the car with him. I didn’t know what to make of this but i wanted to find out. She got out of the car first and came and hugged me crying saying how sorry she was for screaming. I was shocked coz i knew i was the wrong one here esp after poking her man the day before.

I invited them inside and Tino started to speak. The words that came out of his mind SHOCKED me. He explained how the 2 of them have been trying to have a baby but have been failing. According to Tino, Cathy had suggested that i sleep with Tino and give them a baby but when the moment of of truth came, Cathy could not handle it. Cathy got so troubled when she heard that me and her hubby had hooked up. She even said sorry for the whole thing yet it was me who slept with her man…..

Next thing i know Cathy walk over to my side and starts unbuttoning my top. She looked at Tino and said “i am ready”. Tino stood and came next to Cathy and me between them. This sounds like a movie right about now but hey it happened to me. Cathy told Tino to start KISSING me and she told me it was fine and she went and took a seat and watched us…..

TO BE CONTINUED ::: Watch out for Part 3

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