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So, ndanga ndane about 2 months ndamover to Harare, saka ndanga ndakawana kabed sitter kumaAvenues kudhuze nekuwest end clinic. At first i didn’t want something like that but i was getting comfortable with the rentals. I wanted a 1 bedroomed apartment as i thot it would best suit me with my new post.

Anyways, i was so so lonely in Harare. Most of my frenz ndanga ndasiya kuGweru and my relatives vekuno ndanga ndisina kuvajaira. I hardly had visitors except for the occasional visit from my boyfriend of which so far he had ony come twice pamwe achitongoitawo pass by zve 2 mins. Saka every night i would sit down to a bottle of wine and a book, or maybe doing some work staff palaptop pangu. Pa next door pangu paigara vamwe doctor so, i knew he was a doctor because i saw him once Ku Pari achitoita marounds and aiwanzo uya akabata stethoscope. He was a good neighbour except for one reason him and his girlfriend used fuk hard in his room and the sounds would be heard from my room. Sometimes zvaimbondibata then i would try to drown their sounds with loud music and sometimes i would just ignore. On this particular day it was a Saturday morning and i had planned to sleep on and wake up kuma 10. Ko ndaigomukirei, i wasn’t going to work.

Ndakamutswa kuma 5 am vachiita ma5ex sounds avo. And musikana wavo ainyatsochemerera. I think they were having a morning glory. I tried sleeping but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t even ignore them anymore, i also got really turned on. i started kuzvimassager mazamu angu imagining he was the one doing it. i even tried playing nechibhinzi changu trying kuti maybe ndingatunde ndikarara. It wasn’t working at all. I should remember to remind my cousin to send me a dild0 from south Africa. We had talked about it before akati achatumira. I tried whatsapping my boyfriend but i guess he was still sleeping because his fone said last seen at 11pm which is round abt the time we had done our good nyts. So i just lay there listening to them and just turned on for nothing. Ndakazomuka ndikaenda hangu kunogeza and i came back zvanani because i managed to sleep it off. Ndakamutswa nenzara then decided to go buy some stuff kumashops kuMontague. I got into my car ndobva ndanotenga hangu chingwa , wine(ndanga ndakutoita ka addiction), and some tomatoes.

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