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Kusvirwa became my hobby – Ndaiva Mai Muponesi Chaivo!



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After all the years here asikana . Ben, He was my one and only and I swear I had never dated anyone else and never cheated in the seven years since I met him he was also my first love .Come to think of it I had loved him when he was at the bottom of the ladder with nothing ari just a student paUZ and nemoyo werudo i would help him out with money and food from my pocket money. Ondidai …!! Wtf! Ben had made another girl pregnant.

I had been brought up morally upright in a Christian family and did not want kusvirwa before marriage …He had agreed to it then and then now this rubbish. Maidei was single mother with a six year old bastard had moved into our hood barely six months ago .In that little time she had managed to trap my Ben between her legs and become pregnant for him.Now they were supposedly getting married she was three months pregnant .What right did she have to come and snatch my man from me nhai?Did she know the years and the work I put scrubbing that man and grooming him for me.? And Ben he was gonna pay in sweat and blood for this .

Ukuwo Ben was full of apologies,ndikati pfutseki imbwa yemunhu.You wasted my time Ben!!
“Ok Lilly I will just pay damages and marry you know I’ve kept you all these years I can’t afford to lose you and you know she trapped me ….!I never loved her it was just kusvirana chete.“You are the one I want to be with “Ben said .All his uncles and aunts the fools begged me and appealed to my conscience to take him back .Well I’m human ain’t I ? And I loved him ?

I cried ,lost sleep ,lost weight and finally I decided to get my half pound of flesh.
It took me a week to come up with a decision and a master plan so I accepted to wait for him whilst he cleaned up his mess .Well Ben was a rare gem he was a Chartered Accountant with Delloite and Touché and he was really the last species of a rare breed of men those who respect women and practice chivalry ,so I could not just drop him.Instead I would sort him out .

Mr Zenzo my Lecturer in his forties a divorcee had been pursuing me for a while and I had always told him I had a boyfriend who loved me so much.I decided to date him and let him pop the cherry this was purely no strings attached and he was doing the dirty job rekuvhura nzira …well i have to give him credit he taught me all i had to know about bonde . In no time ndandakudya mboro kunge snowman .As a girl on a mission I quickly learnt the alphabet of sviro and soon turned professional .Anga akutoti hee Ndini ndatanga kukuboora saka hee pane bond saka ndoroora ndikati heyyyi!! siyana neni I dumped him ipapo.

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