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Kusvira kwandakaita Maggie musoja pa Barrack roommate yake irimo



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Ndakadzupura mboro and she stood and came closer to me hugged me and kissed me zvine love mukati eyes closed the whole deal. From the shower takaenda straight to the bed and surprisingly we fell asleep.

I woke up first and looked at the beautiful lady sleeping next to me and my mind went into over drive. Takasvirana some more and i headed on my way to Gweru for my meeting. I didn’t hear from her for about 3 days and i took this time to catch up with work. All the time i was thinking of Maggie in her uniform.

She sent at text saying thanks for an amazing weekend and so i called her when i got free. She told me that she was now back at the barracks for the whole week and i could come over if i wanted. She warned me that she stayed with a room mate. I said it was fine and i promised that i would behave and keep my hands to myself. After the call she gave the directions to the Barracks via text and so i went.

I was happy to be seeing her again after the wonderful time we had. She was a real beauty and i was beginning to like her very much. So when i finally got there i practically ran when i parked the car. She came and hugged me and it was a long hug. She even looked more beautiful in her uniform. I actually thought i was falling in love with Maggie kaMusoja kakanaka. She led the way going to their dorms and when we got there, the room mate was there and she looked more than beautiful as well. I was introduced and her name was Nyarai so i said hie… I complimented her that she had a beautiful roommate and they all laughed saying thanks.

I sat on a small bed that was in there and Maggie got me a coke and i started sipping slowly. She announced that she had to go back to work and so she left me with Nyarai. When she got out she sent a text that i read and was shocked that even Nyarai asked if i was OK. Maggie sent: “please don’t get naughty with Nyarai, kaHure kamunhu ikako!kkkk” i read it over and over again and finally managed to reply… “don’t worry hun i have eyes just for you at the moment”.. She sent back a heart emoji and said later…

I was drinking my coke and talking to Nyarai who was watching an African Movie on a laptop. She was lying in her bed on her side of the room. I was shocked for a bit when i heard sounds dzeSviro or DzeBonde like Masasi eHarare would say… The sounds were coming from the laptop and so i realised it might be a way to try get my attention and so i didn’t ask. I kept quiet slowly reading nyaya dzesviro hangu on Masasi eHarare website. I was shocked some more when i heard her now making sounds dzesviro.. I looked up and saw what was causing them. She had one of her hands mukati mekavery short short she was wearing. I acted like i didn’t see her and stood up headed for the door. But i have to admit mwana aive hure uyu and aida mboro. Even yangu yanga yamira. When i stood she acted surprised achibvisa ruoko from her shorts and started to explain that she forgot she had company. I said it was fine and told her i would wait for Maggie in the car but she told me to chill and promised she will be nice.

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