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Kamwana kechikoro kakandiratidza kuti BECHE neSviro hazvina zera! – PART 1



mwana wechikoro
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Kamwana kechikoro kakandiratidza kuti BECHE harina zera!!! How are you all and thanks Masasi eHarare for giving me a chance to write and publish my story. I am a teacher by profession i specialise in Maths & Physics for Upper 6. Due to economic hardships my days have been characterised with work and more work so much to say hatina social life at all. I also survive on Maths Extra Lessons and its there pandakasangana nekamusikana kakazoita muyedzo muhupenyu hwangu, kanonzi Natasha.

Pakutanga ndakangoti maybe iSpeed but ndakazoziva kuti it was pure nyere kuda mboro kwakaipa. Mwana uyu akauya kufirst lesson and haa pakaoma hamawee kamini skirt kacho ndaishaya kwekutarisa apa it was like I can actually see colour yepanty yake. Zvidya zvakatsvuka kunge muKaradhi.

I acted like I didn’t see anything and proceeded with the lesson. Surprising to say she seemed to be understanding all the differential equations on one go. She seemed intelligent so why was she here, I asked myself. Day one was over and she left but asked for my number… according to her she wanted to contact me if there were any changes in our schedule. I said no problem and gave her the number. She took it with what seemed like a naughtty smile.

With that she was gone. Later that day as I was about to go to bed I got a message and it was a picture… captioned “I saw you staring” and with that was a picture of her Zvidya and beche covered with a pink thong. I was shocked at first but pasina nguva mboro yanga yamira ndakutobonyora ndakatarisa picture. Semunhu arisingle kudai my best option after seeing that picture was kutamba 5 aside ndega hangu and ndakaita zvekuputika chaiko. Ndapedza the guilt was now creeping in. But hey i fell asleep before i could deal with it.

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