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Kadoma Woman Perpetua Makoni TOPS as Number 1 HURE after LEAKED NAKKKED PICTURES



Perpetua Makoni leaked pics

Kadoma Woman Perpetua Makoni TOPS as Number 1 HURE after LEAKED NAKKKED PICTURES… I met up with Masasi eHarare and we made contact with Musvo Zimbabwe. We got leaked chats that Perpetua Makoni was begging Musvo Zimbabwe to remove the leaked naughttty pictures of her that we leaked after she was caught poking a married man.

According to our readers, Perpetua Makoni is now the TOP HURE in the country after the readers voted that this is the hotttest picture they have ever seen leaked….

Perpetua Makoni leaked pics

Here are the chats of her begging for her pictures to be taken down….

Hi is this Tigere editor of
There is a fake story of me that was put on your website
Perpetua Makoni
No problem I can check that on the site for you.Who am I talking to?
There are nu-de pics of me that were sent ,so I would kindly ask you to help me Sisi Vee by removing them
They runining my life and career
It’s me
Are you not the one in the nu-des sisi?
Ok thank you for being honest sisi. I dont think they can remove them because it is news to them. Why did you have your musvos taken in the first place sisi?

But the story is not true ,you know what happens when you are in love
But if they can’t remove them it’s fine
Thank you for your time am sure God will make a way
I understand you sisi. Can you please email your true side of the story to go along with the musvos. God should have found a way before you decided to be unGodly and have the musvos taken.Thank you .
Ok thanks
No problem sisi xx
Hello no this is sisi Vee.
Ok thank you
If so I need help if you are
Sorry sisi Vee are you some how linked to


Here you can see uncensored musvos of Perpetua Makoni

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