Joice akakonzeresa at Pool Party – PHOTOS


It feels funny when someone sends you a story that features me as the main character but anyways here is the story unedited:

Joice akakonzeresa at Pool Party – PHOTOS. Last weekend we went to a pool party in Mandara and i was excited as it was my first pool party. When we got there there was music playing and people were dancing. There was a big braai stand and Buckets full of meat.

Ini kudya ndiko kwangu so i moved closer to the braai stand. I grabbed a castle lite and kanyama and started braaing hangu. At that moment ndakaona across the pool paive nebaby ranga rakabatana riine macurves aridangerous. Its a good thing i was there alone because if i had brought my girlfriend i was going to be beaten for staring at another woman.

I asked the guy who was standing next to me who the woman was and he told me that anonzi Joice. I thought of going over to say hie but there was a long queue of guys who wanted the same thing. It was like the whole pool party was focussed on her… So i did what all clever men would do… I waited and waited… then it happened… She started dancing that is when i got my chance….

Joice akakonzeresa at Pool Party - PHOTOS