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Jah Prayzah band members appear in court



Jah prayzer

Musician Jah Prayza’s backing vocalist Darlington ‘Dadza’ Kamukono yesterday appeared in court accused of assaulting and stealing from a fellow band member. The 28-year old denied the allegations when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove charged with theft and assault. Dadza will be able in court tomorrow for judgment. The state, led by Victor Chikerema, had it that on June 26 at Extra Mile Leisure Centre, Dadza had a misunderstanding with Kudzai Tembo after an accident as Tembo was reversing his car.

The pair is said to have argued which led to a fist fight, it is alleged. Further allegations are that Dadza went on to steal Kudzai’s wallet which had US$80 and a driver’s license and nothing was recovered. Backing vocalists Pamela ‘Gonyeti’ Zodo, who testified, told the court that all the allegations laid to Dadza were not true.

Jah prayzer


“It was just after we had finished performing and I was changing in my car when I fracas ensued. Kudzai had just hit Dadza’s car as he was reversing and Dadza wanted him to disembark the vehicle and apologize since it was a minor dent he had caused but he refused to get out of his car. Dadza did not pull Kudzai out of his car and he was at a distant. Then, a female fan of Jah Prayzar came and pulled Kudzai outside the car using a belt that she had tied around his neck”.

Gonyeti told the court that Kudzai was drunk and he also insulted here calling her prostitute while she was trying to settle the dispute.

“Of course I did not witness the whole event but Dadza munhu ari bho haasi munhu  wenoise kubva zvandamuziva haambofa arova kana kubira munhu, she added. The state noted that Gonyeti was not a credible source since she had not witnessed the entire drama. In defense, Gonyeti told the court that she had come to the court to give her account of what she saw and she was not taking sides.

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