I saw a snake in the boot of these 2 Hot Women’s Car – PHOTOS


I saw a snake in the boot of these 2 Hot Women’s Car – PHOTOS. Joice as i write to you today i still feel the shivers… One day as i was going to Bulawayo i got a lift from these 2 beautiful women at Chegutu. They opened the boot and i put my bags in there even the one that had my wallet in.

We got to Kwekwe and they stopped for a bit to buy drinks. So i asked them to open the boot for me so that i can get my wallet in my bad. When she open the boot i went there to get my wallet and after i did, i saw this huge black snake coiled at the back of the boot. I looked twice and i was sure of what i saw…. Before i could even move, one of the women came and closed the boot.

I was shivering and shaking all at the same time. I couldn’t move so i just pretended like i was feeling a little bit sick. I stood there thinking what to do next until the women announced that it was time to go.

We got back in the car but i was very scared. We got to Bulawayo and they dropped me off. They said no to my money and they drove off… They had told me their names so i went on Facebook and found their picture… Here is their picture…

I saw a snake in the boot of these 2 Hot Women's Car - PHOTOS

Upto now i don’t use private cars for transport i have moved back to buses…. Please help how do i get over this?

So to all travellers please be careful of these 2 women….