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I managed to build myself a home




Former  Mr Ugly, William Masvinu says it pays to be ugly as he managed to build himself a family home.

He was in Bulawayo for the first time and said : “I managed to build myself a home and this was all because of the pageant and the money

that I got. I have a few cattle now and I can safely say being ugly pays. I
also managed to take care of my family and have managed to get advertorials where companies invited me for different functions like Private Lounge did today and that helps me make money to take care of my wife and kids.”

Masvinu said he was going on with his career and would be taking part in the competitions for Mr Ugly.


“I am going to continue taking part in the competitions and I will never bow down because I have gained a lot through the Mr Ugly competitions,” he added.

Meanwhile, Masvinu said that he harbours no grudge with anyone who might win the competition like what happened in last year’s pageant.

“If I lose this year’s competition I will not lose heart but will enter the next pageant. I will stop contesting for Mr Ugly when I die. However, if I don’t win I am okay with it because it also gives other individuals a chance to bask in the glory of having won Mr Ugly,” Masvinu said

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