LIFE has turned from good to bad for Eric Malatji so that he now feels as if he still lives in the apartheid era.

In 2013 he was bust for carrying a gun without a licence.

It happened while he was at work in Elim, outside Makhado.

He was working as a security guard transporting question papers from the education department in Polokwane to different school circuits across the province.

The 52-year-old from Madiga Village outside Polokwane said he had forgotten his licence at home at the time he was arrested.

“I was arrested and got bail. I was given a fine of R500 last May. My gun was confiscated and taken to a lab for testing. That is when things turned from bad to worse as I lost my job in the process,” he told Daily Sun.

He had tried to get his gun back since 2013 and finally managed to get it last week.

“My gun was in perfect condition when they took it, but now it has been damaged. The firing pin is broken, the magazine no longer fits and I can’t load bullets. I have since lost my job because I cannot work without a gun,” he said.

“I reported the matter to the police who arrested me, but they said it wasn’t their problem that my gun was damaged at the lab.

“The police must take responsibility and fix my pistol.

“I can’t even provide for my wife and three kids.”

He said he tried to open a case at the Polokwane cop shop on Tuesday, but with no luck.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Ronel Otto said: “Eric should contact the cluster commander of Watervaal cop shop, who will help him to open a case of malicious damage to property.”