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Husband urinates in pots and cups




A Harare woman yesterday left a court in stitches when she revealed that her husband was in the habit of urinating in pots and cups most of the times.

Shuwiso Jubira said this at Harare Civil Courts before magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti, where she was seeking a protection order against her husband Million Mukoma.

“This man has a habit of tormenting me at home,” said the fuming Jubira.

“He has a habit of urinating in pots and cups and I do not know why he does that. I want the court to protect me from him since he insults me and assaults me at home. He also wants to evict me from the house where we are staying together.

Jubira told the court that she was now staying in a separate room from her husband. In his defence, Mukoma did not dispute allegations of urinating in the pots and cups.



“She broke my leg after I questioned why she brings her relatives to stay with us. On that day I came late from work and she wanted me to chop firewood when her brother had spent the whole day at our home,” he said.

Mukoma also told the court that Jubira’s relatives were causing a lot of problems to their marriage. He said the owner of the house cautioned them for bringing many visitors. He also said he had since stopped assaulting his wife.

However, the magistrate would have none of it and granted the protection order in Jubira favour. Mukoma was also sternly warned not to harass her again.


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