Husband implements se_x for work scheme:Do household chores for me and bonk my wife as payment


Se_x for work! That is alleged to be the modus operandi of an Nkayi couple whereby the husband lets other men sleep with his wife provided they work in his fields and do household chores

Norman Ndebele and his wife Gezile Khumalo according to other villagers, have a strange arrangements that has got Menda village talking.

“He knows all men that his wife sleeps with and is not ashamed. I’ve seen some of her boyfriends in their home. How can a man be comfortable knowing that other men are sleeping with his wife?” said a villager whose nephew has been sucked into the se_x for work scheme in not happy about it

“She sleeps with all types of men, even young boys such as my nephew. He (nephew) is not even considering marrying a wife of his own because of this Jezebel and he spends most of his time working in their field,” the angry aunt said.

The village head who is an uncle to Norman, Strike Ndebele said he was aware of the issue but there was nothing he could do about it.

“I am the oldest in the family but it’s not easy to talk to them about the issue because my nephew has never come to me complaining about his wife’s behaviour even though I always see her with different men,” said the village head.

But the couple shot down the allegations. They don’t want to see us happy. The fact that my wife is being accused of sleeping around doesn’t sit well with me because it’s an insult to her dignity,” said the husband.

The wife added that people were jealous of the way her husband loved her.

“I have been surrounded by men all my life, why would I choose to start having numerous relationships now when I’m married. People should learn to mind their own business and stop telling lies,” she said.