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Hure Ranetsa nemapic asina kupfeka – Moreen Banks



moreen banks
Hure Ranetsa nemapic asina kupfeka – Moreen Banks . A flight attendant at Qatar Airways has received criticism for sending her n#de pictures to a WhatsApp group chat.
A female member of the group who could not disclose her identity, said Moreen Banks has, for the past two weeks, been sending seductive and nawty pictures to a WhatsApp Group called Team Lusha so that she lures men who are also members of the group.
“We have a WhatsApp group called Team Lusha and it has more than 80 people and the purpose of the group is mainly to create business platforms for each other and most of the people in the group are prominent business persons.
“For the past two weeks we have been surprised by how Moreen has been behaving, she has been sending n#de pictures of herself.
“She started sending more of the pictures after she started getting compliments from some of the men who are also members of the group.
“She is doing things to draw the attention of men who are in the group and now the agenda of the group has changed from business and people are now talking about her,” said the source.
Our source contacted Moreen who was quick to hang up the phone after being asked about the n#de pictures.

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