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Hungry Man decides to EAT a RAW DOG – SEE PICTURE



Hungry man eats raw dog

An unnamed man on Wednesday morning drew attention of passersby when he skinned and ate raw dog meat opposite Mzilikazi High School in Bulawayo. The dog had been hit by a car. In a typical journalism school example whereby if a man bites a dog — it makes news instead of when a dog bites a man — there was huge interest from the public. Witnesses said the man did not show any signs of mental instability.

But he irked Mzilikazi residents at the scene as he told them to leave him alone because it was not his first time to eat dog meat. Much to the surprise of onlookers, the man said he was used to eating raw dog meat because it made him immune to different diseases. Samuel Sibanda from Mzilikazi said the man told the crowd that after seeing the dead dog which had been hit by a speeding car, he could not stand back and watch the meat go to waste.

“This is really bizarre, although we know that dog meat is a delicacy for other people like the Chinese. I have never seen locals who eat dog meat. It’s so strange, think of it, raw meat for that matter. “Everyone who went to the scene was shocked to see the unperturbed man skinning the dog. When I got there, he had already eaten the liver. “The man had police ofÖcers to thank for the day for their timely arrival at the scene as people were baying for his blood,” said Sibanda. Police who attended the scene managed to take the dog after the man had removed the intestines, tongue and the head tucked in a plastic bag for later consumption.

Hungry man eats raw dog

Residents were so angry that they initially refused to hand the man over to the police, saying they wanted to parade him through the suburb with his meat. Bulawayo spokesperson Precious Simango, although she could not furnish more details about the incident by the time of going to print conÖrmed the issue.

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