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Hosiah Chipanga’s son ventures into music




Music star Hosiah Chipanga’s son, Lancelot Chibwana Chipanga (28), a rising Zimdancehall chanter, is bringing in a new dimension to his father’s music

Listening to the music, one can be forgiven for thinking that it is Hosiah singing because of the resemblance in voices.

In an interview, Lancelot said he decided to follow his father’s footsteps since he feels his dad is different and is inspired by his lyrical compositions.

“Like any other son of a legend, it’s my obligation to carry on with my father’s music. I am happy to have taken this decision while he is still alive so that he leads the way,” he said.




I composed three songs in 2011, ‘Zvakatanga Naani’, ‘Mundiregerere’ and ‘Vatyairi Vedzimotokari’ and in 2015 l composed four tracks ‘Amai Makaenda’ featuring young Kays, ‘Wedenga Tarirai’, ‘Tererai Mukoma Vachitaura’ and a remix my father’s second album ‘Zvichandibatsirei’, but due to financial constraints l have failed to release these songs,” he said.

Lancelot aspires to wear his father’s shoes in doing sungura songs, but financial problems made him to switch from sungura to Zimdancehall, which is cheaper to record.

“I am failing to record my sungura music because it is expensive. It needs more people and more studio time.”

Lancelot said he assisted his father in recording the album “Hero Shoko” before he thought of going solo. He formed his music group Musakasaka comprising of six members based at Juru Growth Point.

He said his father is a Bishop at the Mapipi Church and normally when he sings, he will be preaching the word of God. The gifted father of two is also a lead guitarist at the local Members in Christ Ministries where he worships.


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