HIV woman has affair with son – she has been a widow for sometime and wanted to satisfy her se_xual desire.


AN HIV-positive widow and her 26-year-old son have been arraigned before the courts for engaging in an incestuous relationship. This came to light when one of their relatives found them in a compromising position at Kenzamba Business Centre in Makonde District.This helped confirm long-held suspicions of an illicit affair between the pair.

The mother (age unknown) of Madzudzo Village under Chief Magonde and her son are said to have started having the incestuous affair between November 2 and November 17, 2016.

The two have since appeared before Chinhoyi magistrate Miss Brenda Dhliwayo facing charges of having se_xual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship in contravention of Section 75 (2) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

They were convicted on their own guilty plea and remanded in custody to tomorrow for sentence.

In remanding them in custody, Miss Dhliwayo said they stayed in the same area and could continue engaging in their illicit affair.


She also said officials need to verify the mother’s age after she indicated to the court that she was 33-years-old which means she was seven-years-old when she gave birth to the co-accused, her second born child.

Prosecutor Mr Claude Karenga alleged that sometime this month, the son who was staying in Mhangura moved to live with his mother in Kenzamba

It is while they were staying together that a se_xual relationship blossomed into a fully fledged affair that got people thinking that they were a couple.

Upon being caught, investigations established that the two had se_xual encounters on numerous occasions in the mother’s hut and the son’s kitchen, which is also his bedroom.They also had trysts at Kenzamba Business Centre.

Asked why she engaged in an incestuous relationship with her son, the woman said she has been a widow for sometime and wanted to satisfy her se_xual desire.

“Your honour, I lost my husband who happened to be accused two’s father sometime ago, and I have not had se_x in a while,” she said, leaving the gallery in stitches.

The son was also asked why he slept with his mother and his answer also drew sighs of bewilderment and laughter as he told the court that he touched his mother and she did not resist.

“I ended up sleeping with my mother after I tried touching her one day and she did not offer any resistance which showed that my advances were welcome,” said the son.

Cases of relatives, particularly mothers and their sons, engaging in incestuous relationships have been on the increase with a Masvingo woman declaring her desire to marry her son.