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Hell breaks loose as man busts wife red handed with lover



THERE was drama in Mutare’s Sakubva high-density suburb’s Chisamba Singles section after a man tricked and trapped his wife and her lover in his matrimonial home.When The Weekender arrived at the scene, scores of people were gathered outside, shouting that both the cheats be released to them for instant justice.Maria Mavhiza (20) and her lover, Coaster Wiro were left with egg on their faces after Maria’s husband locked them inside the couple’s one-roomed apartment.



Like trapped birds they tried to escape, but to no avail till the whole neighbourhood thronged to witness the humiliating incident.

Had it not been for the swift reaction of the police, members of the public wanted to beat up the cheats who were left licking wounds of humiliation.

Narrating his ordeal, Maria’s husband who only identified himself as Kavhukatema, said what alerted him was a phone call from the lover, Wiro to his wife.



He said after answering the call from the lover who asked if he could speak to Mavis, Kavhukatema then set up a trap for the two lovebirds.

He started to chat with Wiro over the phone and he did not realise that he was chatting with Kavhukatema

I started chatting with him on my WhatsApp impersonating my wife and from the chats it was clear that Maria had been cheating on me for quite some time. In fact, she has been cheating since we got married,” he narrated.

“The chats are clear, you should see them for yourself,” he said handing over his cellphone.

Responding to the allegations, Wiro said he did not know that Maria was now married since he had dated her in 2015 before she married Kavhukatema.

“I have not been cheating with Maria. I did not know that she was now married when I called her number. I was even baffled when I was contacted by Kavhukatema who was impersonating her.

“What he should have done was to tell me straight that he was Maria’s husband. If he had done that all this would have been avoided. We will not have been in this mess today. All along I have been chatting with him thinking that I was chatting with Maria and he lured me to come to his house and the moment I arrived, he locked me inside here with Maria. I did not even know that Maria now stays in Sakubva,” said Wiro.

Maria dismissed the allegations and stated that her husband had taken advantage of her absence and answered her phone, only to waylay her with an unsuspecting Wiro.

“He should not have answered my phone. He should have informed me that Wiro called and obviously all this would have been avoided. I never cheated on my husband and he knows it. He should have let sleeping dogs lie because I parted ways with Wiro in 2015, long before I married Kavhukatema,” she said.


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