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Did you know? – Skin renewal diet is the pathway to a healthy body

Often when we’re desperate to get back to a leaner body, we act first and think later.

How many diets or weight loss programs have you signed up to that promised results but left you with an impossible menu and exercise schedule to figure out on your own?

With the Renewal Institute Diet (RID) from Skin Renewal, a team of highly skilled medical and healthcare professionals are with you from the start. And they don’t just give you a one-size-fits all plan. The RID diet follows a carefully thought through eight layered approach to get your body the healthiest it’s ever been.

The diet takes into account Skin Renewals unique four pillar approach to health analysing each patients gut health, their exercise regime, nutrition plans and how they manage stress in addition to assessing their sleep hygiene.

If it’s a truly holistic plan you want, this is way to do it.

Health means wealth

RID was developed by Skin Renewals founder and medical director Doctor Maureen Allem. She believes that it is imperative to find the cause of weight gain if it is to be treated in a sustained manner.

Understanding what’s triggering the storage of extra kilos means understanding your health status better. For this, Skin Renewals team of doctors and health coaches uniquely tweak the program by including and incorporating various support treatments and/or supplement if any issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol or inflammatory conditions are diagnosed.

The first step to starting RID is a doctor’s consultation, to review your medical history and exclude possible contraindications to the program. Health problems that could hamper weight loss include insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), liver disorders and gut dysfunction.

During the initial consultation and based on the patient’s medical history, the doctor. will decide whether additional tests need to be carried out. Tests can be ordered to exclude medical conditions that will slow the weight loss process.

The Great Eight

Once you’ve seen your Skin Renewal doctor, you’ll be guided through a bespoke RID plan to ensure the sustainability of the diet. The plan includes a calorie-controlled eating plan based on low-glycemic nutrition to reduce inflammation in your body; a meal replacement shake (with healthy whey protein, healthy fat, electrolytes, minerals and stevia) which ensures your body gets the fuel it needs and you’re not left hungry and Injections with a bio identically compounded hCG especially tailor made for you.
You’ll also be supported by a Skin Renewal supplement plan to rev up your system from the inside out. This step is critical for gut repair as not only does 80 percent of our immunity comes from our guts, but 80 percent of chronic inflammation too. It is this inflammation that needs to be reduced in order to help with weight loss. Speaking of supplements, as your body will be in state of detoxification, you’ll be prescribed important nutraceuticals to encourage liver cleansing which takes away any excess oestrogen and bio toxins.

A key to RIDs success is bi weekly check-ups to provide each patient with the emotional, mental and physical support they require.

If you’re ready for a program that speaks to a balanced and healthy lifestyle change, RID is not all talk and zero promise. It’s a narrative that helps bodies find solutions that are holding them back from total health, cheerleading them on to a real and sustainable finish line. Here’s to you – happy and healthy once more!


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