Have Se_x with you wife or go to jail”


Sleep with her. Magistrate Sithembile Ncube sitting at the Bulawayo civil court ruled that Lovedanny Madambi should have se_x with his wife Lerato Nare as long as their marriage subsist. Nare, 34, had sued her husband for abuse and se_xual starvation and she walked away smiling.

In her papers, Nare complained that besides being verbally and physically abused by her 33-year-old husband, he was also se_xually starving her. She said her husband last slept with her in July this year.

“My husband has gone violent. He beats me up and accuse me of hating his relatives. The other day when I was in the bathroom he followed me and I was only wearing my underwear when he started harassing me accusing me of taking his phone.

“He assaulted me and I bolted out the house in my underwear and sought refuge at our neighbour’s place where I was given clothes to put on.


Besides harassing me, my husband is also denying me se_x. He left home in July while falsely accusing me of telling his superiors that he had money and wanted to buy a house and from that day he never had se_x with me. When he came back home in October he didn’t even sleep with me,” complained Nare.

In his response Madambi , disputed some of the allegations his wife levelled against him, but he admitted that he last slept with her in July the reason being that she was always reporting him to the police on false accusations.

“I put it to you that some of the things that you told the court are not true. Although, I admit that I haven’t slept with you since July, this is because you were always lying against me and unnecessarily causing my arrest,” said Madambi. In her ruling the magistrate, however ordered Madambi not to be violent towards his wife or threaten or deny her conjugal rights as long as they were still married. The two of them are police officers.

Source-B Metro