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Harare magistrate has criticised POLICE over #ZimShutDown2016 ARRESTS




A Harare magistrate has criticised the State prosecutors for failing to explain how protesters had been arrested during the Wednesday’s Shut Down of Zim.

He attacked the prosecution’s case against the over 100 protesters as he freed them on $100 bail. Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe ruled that the State had no compelling grounds to deny the suspects bail as it even failed to explain how each one of them was arrested.“For the State to deny accused persons bail, there must be strong
grounds and evidence to support the reasons.

But in this case some suspects were reportedly arrested from their homes. Most of the accused are guardians although unemployed. In this case the police are likely to be the witnesses though the court was not told. The court sees no chances that in this case they would then interfere or influence the witnesses in any way,” he said.

The State said the suspects were arrested after the police received tip-offs.