H00ker takes car keys clothes after man fails to pay for se_x whole incident captured on video


A Rusape man risks losing a car which has been held as surety for se_x with a hooker. Daphine Masango had to surrender his car and other valuables yesterday morning after an altercation with an unidentified hooker so that he could look for cash to pay for se_x and extras such as oral se_x. The altercation ensued moments after the man was ‘massaged’ on his private parts and a quickie on an agreed fee of $40. Initially he had asked for ora_l se_x for $3 while in the car but later asked for more. They also changed the venue from a car to a room.

An H-Metro mole, who recorded the drama said the pair then settled for $40 for other services before they sought a room from a guard on duty at a shop. He said after enjoying the quality time, everything turned ugly after Masango failed to pay for the services forcing the hooker to confront and threaten him.


“They agreed for or_al se_x in the car for $3 before they later looked for a place where they could do more and comfortably”. It seems Masango had to ask for more. He enjoyed the or_al se_x and demanded more from the hooker and I am sure they entered a deal with a guard at the shop who tried to bar the recordings. Whilst inside the room, the hooker charged $40 which the man later failed to pay prompting the altercation and the embarrassment”. The mole added:

“After the oral se_x, the man had unprotected se_x which he enjoyed because zvemari haana kumbozvifunga”.

However the man’s conduct did not go down well with the hooker who confronted him and confiscated his car and keys.

“I need my money, indava wakachembera zvakapusa iwe, everyone must pay even lawyers, matikitivha or whoever must pay for se_x. In South Africa we fight with clients tisina kupfeka, ukuda kutiza, mota inopwanyika iyi, don’t try it my friend, ukuda kundirova, chindipa mari yangu. Don’t try to escape usina kundipa mari yangu, iwe wandidyisa mb**. Ko ndikaita infection? Kill me like now! You want to run away without giving me my money, give me my money. What are you trying to do? H-Metro will come here ndiri naked. Why are you so stupid? You can’t let me do you oral se_x and fail to pay.”

The hooker confiscated his clothes. “I won’t let you go, you will kill me, you want to take your clothes yet wandidyisa mb**. I will die with you today, I want my money, hezvo saka ukuda kutobvuta hembe, kutiza usina kundipa mari yangu. Kana kupolice handei, ko ndikaita thrush”. The visibly frightened man who is appearing in the video is heard saying.

handis kutiza ini, ndingatizirei, how much do you want” according to the mole, Masango left his car and keys and hired a taxi to Nyabadza Village where he went to look for cash after trying several times to get cash from the bank with all his efforts in vain.

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