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Guys that show off don’t give women better money – Bella advises women

Nollywood actress, Bella Ebinum, has used her new post to warn women against men who live flashy lifestyle in order to attract women.

She revealed that some men who show luxury and material things do not really have the money they brag of, that they only deceive women with their luxury lifestyle.

She disclosed that guys that show off do not give women better money, they only want to flex with the lady and disappear afterwards.

Bella Ebinum

She made it clear that women should be careful of such men because they do not really have money and they have nothing to offer than fun, according to her.

In the statement she wrote on her post, she said, “The truth is that the guys that show off don’t give women better money. It’s only flexing that they can give an after that you are on your own.”

Bella Ebinum

The actress has established herself as a well-known actress, thanks to her talent and her versatility in movies which has helped her achieved more fame in recent times.

In other news – Mona Monyane allegedly finds love again

Mona Monyane has allegedly found love and is finally ready to walk down the aisle once again.

This is coming after she divorced from her husband Khulu Skenjana in March 2020 after four years of marriage.

Mona Monyane

In her statement at the time, Mona said, “the battles we have met have been difficult to overcome together”. Now after almost 3 years since the separation was announced, Mona has moved on and their co-parenting relationship is soaring. Learn More

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