Grandmother’s cheating ways exposed by 4 year old


A four-year-old boy who didn’t understand why he had two grandfathers for one grandmother exposed his cheating grandmother’s antics when he asked why.

That’s how Alick Ncube discovered that his wife of 17 years, Sithabile Ngwenya, had married another man behind his backThis came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Ngwenya dragged Ncube seeking a protection order.

She said Ncube was calling her a pro-stitute, denying her pocket money as well as chasing her from their matrimonial home.


“On 13 September when I went to our homestead in Bona Resettlement I found him having removed all my clothes from the bedroom and put them in the kitchen. He went on to change the keys in the main bedroom door so that I will not gain access into the house and by doing all this he is disturbing my peace,” said Ngwenya.

When Ncube sprung to his defence, he revealed how he found out about his wife’s cheating ways.

This woman does not stay at home. She stays in Nketa and she drinks a lot. I always got reports from our grandson that she in love and staying with another old man.

When I confronted her she said I should not be jealous of another man since she loved us both. That’s when out of anger I took her clothes and placed them in the kitchen.

“I am no longer interested in staying with her. How can I stay with a woman who has since married another man when our marriage still exists? Currently she is not staying at home, she is with that man,” complained Ncube.

A seemingly dressed down Ngwenya who however, did not dispute accusations that she had clandestinely married another man hit back at her husband saying he also disappointed her by dating another woman only identified as MaDlamini.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova however, ordered Ncube not to threaten his wife or chase her out from their matrimonial home