Grace Remembers the Good Times – She told mourners at Cde Chinx house


First Lady Grace Mugabe says Zimbabweans would still be having good lives had it not been for sanctions.

We used to have good life here but sanctions were imposed on us. Everyone knows that sanctions were imposed on us because President Mugabe said he wanted to give land back to the people. Cde Chinx supported that through his music.

They said why have you done that? We are whites and superior to you. We cannot be challenged by black people. We also blindly fall into that trap and fight among ourselves. They will be laughing at us,” she told mourners at Cde Chinx house.


Grace Mugabe

She also talked about divisions and factionalism which were tearing her party. “We should all accept that Cde Chinx has left us but we should remember what he has done for us,” she said.

“Let’s not be selfish. I am saying wherever you are you should remember that there are some people who died for this country. Cde Chingaira has succumbed to cancer but those who participated during the war know what was happening that there were sellouts that were being sent with clothes laced with poison. So we are now having some non communicable diseases.

“We should not forget that there are people who died to liberate this country. At times we tend to forget that. We alter our environment through our actions.
“There are some who forget that unity of purpose is important among Zimbabweans.  We have infighting through factionalism and can we say this is the respect that we are giving to our heroes like Cde Chinx?