Govt to unveil an electronic Traffic management system


The Zimbabwe Republic Police will from next week unveil standard roadblocks of at least four per province, as Government responds to
concerns raised by tourists and motorists regarding the prevalence of police on the roads

Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo said yesterday that he had directed the Commissioner General of Police Augustine Chihuri to remove all
unnecessary roadblocks to ensure hassle free travelling.
Dr Chombo, who was accompanied by his deputy Obedingwa Mguni, was giving oral evidence before a Parliamentary Portfolio committee on
Transport and Infrastructural Development chaired by Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna (Zanu-PF).


He said Government would soon unveil an electronic traf×c management system that would integrate all transport stakeholders like the police,
Vehicle Inspection Department, Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, Road Motor Transport and Central Vehicle Registry to bring to an end to
traf×c management challenges.

“We have told the Commissioner General of Police to reduce or remove all unnecessary roadblocks and leave the necessary ones,” said Dr Chombo.
“He is seized with the matter. When there is an incident at a certain point, you can’t say because there is too many roadblocks, I cannot mount a
roadblock. You have got to. But I think you cannot mount a roadblock simply because you want to raise money. No

That is why we are saying ‘necessary’. We want the police to do their work, but we also want the public to have a hassle free travel. We really want
to ensure that a proper balance is maintained. But this electronic initiative is panacea to all the problems we are talking about. It will address spot
×nes and everything literally.”

Deputy Minister Mguni weighed in: “By next week, we would have started zoning system where roadblocks will be put according to province and a
province should not have more than four roadblocks”.
He said the number of roadblocks would be raised if there were security concerns aimed at combating crimes such as robberies and human and drug