Government official humiliated after failing to pay for services from Avenues Hookers


AN UNIDENTIFIED man believed to be a cabinet minister’s driver,was yesterday extorted and humiliated by three self-confessed ladies of the night

The man got a rude awakening at a flat situated along Josiah Chinamano Avenue when the hooker shifted goal posts and hiked charges after the service.

He was driving a Ford Ranger registration (ADL 6551).H-Metro heard that the man found his catch along Josiah Chimano Avenue but was attracted to another hooker who was at the flat.The new catch then offered him or_al se_x while the first offered him se_x.



After the act and upon receiving cash,H-Metro heard,the hookers told him that his money was peanuts for the services rendered.Reacting to a tip-off,H-Metro rushed to the scene and found the man being beaten and harassed.The hooker teamed up demanding a staggering US$1500.

We will not release him until he gives us our money,he wanted to show off by asking for services he cannot pay for,hakuna zvakadaro,”said one of the ladies.

The man,however,managed to pay US$110 and he had to ask his friends to send some money via Ecocash.The ladies claim the man requested for unprotected se_x;

“He refused to put on a co_ndom and requested oral se_x tikatomudya.He should come here with enough money to get the services he is failing to get from his wife,”she added.After realising that he was caught by H-Metro lenses,the man opened up and said he is from Chipinge.He pleaded with the reporters not to publish the story saying it will cost him his job.He labelled the ladies cruel saying he was not aware that hookers can do anything to get money.

“I regret my actions wangu,pachirume inotambika ndatombonyumwa but hey,I failed to resist and now I am worried about my job.

“Honestly speaking,the problem started from home and I have learnt something that Ii have to respect my wife and if this story is published it will affect my relationship with my in-laws and my job.

“I am prepared to pay you if you do not publish the story because hey,ndapinda busy wangu I know hakuna chinhu chemahara.It’s like today’s prophets,they ask you to buy anointing oil.Taura nevamwe vako,”he said.

He,however,refused to disclose his identity.