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Gokwe woman with 2 ‘husbands’ causes stir,forced to choose one




TWO former best friends from Gokwe are keeping their fingers crossed because a woman who has them as her two husbands is set to choose between them.

Dorothy Ncube is spoilt for choice between Hebert Mapinde and Prophet Thubayo Ncube who both love her.

She also loves them but culturally one has to be dropped.

In the first place Dorothy was married to Mapinde and Ncube was the lobola negotiator. Interestingly Dorothy and Ncube started an affair.

A source from Dorothy’s family said the issue of a second husband being a reality began when Dorothy was caught cheating on her husband with his best friend.

“People were shocked when it was discovered that Dorothy was cheating on her husband with one of her lobola negotiators,” she said.

For that, Ncube was summoned by Chief Njelele for bedding his friend’s wife. For his uncouth behaviour he paid a fine of a cow.




That did not stop him. If anything, it gave him more verve and passion for Dorothy and the two got on like a house on fire.

Enjoying the best of both worlds, Dorothy went about her business without fear and even had a duty roaster for the two.

“Ncube was fined by the Chief, but they didn’t stop their relationship. It resulted in Dorothy moving from her homestead to stay with Ncube,” said the source.

Sources say had Mapinde showed seriousness or maintained a grip, the two lovers would have probably stopped.

However, instead of defending his territory, Mapinde had many out-of-village trips, at times staying for days away.

This rekindled Dorothy and Ncube’s affair.

He went away for days leaving Dorothy alone at their homestead. That is when Mapinde and Dorothy made up. It became official that Dorothy had two husbands with a roaster of moving from Prophet Ncube’s homestead to Mapinde’s place,” said the source.

When it got to that level, the two men came together and discussed their “wife”. A deadlock was reached then they approached the traditional court to decide a way forward.

“The two men reported the matter to Chief Njelele asking him to make the woman choose one husband and dump the other,” said the source.

A date is yet to be set where Dorothy will be forced to choose the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life.

“Traditionally it is not acceptable for a woman to have two husbands and therefore Dorothy will have to choose one,” said Chief Njelele.

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