God came to me in a dream told me to stop having se_x with you


A teacher from Bulawayo school found a convenient way of not having se_x with his wife or supporting their children in the name of God. Sydney Machokoto from Nketa high school told his wife Sifuyiwe Hove the Holy Spirit visited him in a dream telling him to abstain from se_xual contact with her.

“He once told me that he had a dream and the Holy Spirit told him not to touch me,” said Hove.

Sydney Machokoto


Hove didn’t mind the se_x embargo but when it came to not supporting the family- there was a problem.

“I could live with that but now it’s too much because he doesn’t buy food or even pay fees for the kids,” she added. Uner the cover of darkness Machokoto was cheating on his wife and their son caught him red handed.

Our son spotted him with a girlfriend and he was embarrassed. He ended up bribing him with $25 yet he doesn’t want to pay school fees,” she said. The couple has been to numerous police stations in Bulawayo. The latest case being when Hove found messages and nu_de pictures of his girlfriend in his phone. Everytime I confront him about his girlfriends he reports me to the police saying I am abusing him, she said. But he denies his wife’s allegations.

“My wife and I are happy there is nothing like that,” said Machokoto.