Goblins come to have se_x with me every night woman confesses


A GOROMONZI woman was sacrificed to another clan so as to appease avenging spirits and she claims to be having se_x with goblins at night.

For two years in 1998, Netsai Bhero, 29, claims she was forced to sleep with the father and son of the clan.

Netsai blames all this to her father who worked in cahoots with his younger brother to offer her as a clan wife a tender age of 12 in Mutoko.She says she only escaped after three years and returned to her mother’s home where she started having harrowing experiences with dreams of men having sex with her in her sleep.


Stunning revelations are that, up to now, she sees her 99-year-old father and other men taking turns to have s#x with her in her sleep.

“Several times in my sleep, l experience my father having sex with me and every single day l see some other men coming to me again.

“The following mornings after seeing my father in bed with me l wake up with severe abdominal pains,” said Netsai.

Netsai said avenging spirits are not just haunting her in bed but also causing difficulties in her marriage with Edmore Gambiza, 38.

After l escaped from Mutoko, l later went to stay with this man that l am currently living with but we have never had a normal marriage.

“We can go two to three weeks without talking and we rarely have s#x like a normal couple as he says that looking at me makes him lose s#xual interest.

“Right now we are just living together for the sake of my kids but we have visited several prophets and they have told him that l already have a husband who sleeps with me spiritually,” Netsai said.

Netsai’s father Sekani Bhero claims that he had no option than to offer his daughter to appease the spirits.

“My brother had taken our aunt’s son to work for him and unfortunately the son died as a result of a tragic car accident, 41 others died actually.

“The spirit was haunting the rest of our family and my brother was losing his mind so to save our families l had no option but to offer my daughter to the Bhonjizi’s,” he said.

Netsai is hoping that she finds a way to reverse her situation if possible and be able to save her marriage.

“I really wish l could find ways to reverse what has happened in my life and be able to save my marriage.

“My husband’s family has disowned him because they want nothing to do with me and at the same time l have no contact with my own family.

“We have visited so many prophets but they keep on telling me that l belong to the avenging spirits,” said Netsai.