Ginimbi speaks out on Saturday’s all white party woman who showed off punani


As events unfolded at Saturday night’s main birthday celebrations in Sandton, focus turned on one particular lady who turned up barely dressed and did not shy away from the limelight.

She even spent a better part of the evening on the dance floor and a number of the guests were recording her performances before posting the images on social media. Sadly for Genius and his organising team, the virtually na_ked lady became the face of the event on social media and convinced those not at the function to believe it was Sodom and Gomorrah.


Speaking exclusively to H-metro yesterday, Genius said it was unfortunate that a largely decent outing was turned into a dirty event by a few mischievous individuals. The organisers had tried to emphasise on class on the dress code.

Guests were advised to be elegant in all white.

“It’s unfortunate that some people did not stick to the dress code the invite specifically stated dress code should be elegant but some people showed up in undesirable dressing,” said Genius.

He hinted that organisers will be firmer at next year’s event with security under instructions to eject anyone in violation of the dress code and other rules.