Fungisai plans all white bash – She has no time for haters.


Gospel artist, Fungisai has returned home from the UK and said she has no time for negative energy.

She is hosting an all white bash to celebrate her return.

She said she has no time for haters. “It doesnt worry me at all guys chill. I am too busy planning on how I can make the world a better place. I have a whole society to impact on positively saka some of these things handimbozviona. History has it that all works for good kwandiri coz i belong to Jesus. If anyone is declaring war or is in a competition of some sort with me, please let them know there is no need coz they are all better than me, they have won already. I just live on God and people’s favour otherwise ivo ndivo manumber 1 saka ngavasatye coz
ndinotoziva kuti handigone and they are all better than me in everything. Keep well family. Ngazvisakunetsai , this christian social scientist still has a lot more to achieve for this society and I may not have time to pay attention to negative energy.



I believe God has placed all of us as pieces on a supernatural chessboard that he moves for his glory and all is well. Let everyone do their work according to their calling. Cheer up. I wouldnt be surprised all these people are disguised angels sent by God to escalate me in his favour. Have no doubt I am blessed. And please come and dine with me next weekend. Its an all white church person home welcoming bash coz ndadzoka kumba zvakanaka