Fungisai Mashavave-Zvakavapano aka Killer F or Ras Fungi not happy about POSE


Former Gospel musician Fungisai Mashavave-Zvakavapano, now known as Killer F or Ras Fungi, is not amused by memes of her pose which have gone viral on social media networking sites.

Fungisai, who had been keeping a low profile, resurfaced last year when she featured on what instantly became a hit track with Killer T. In no time, their song – Vanondibatirana – was awarded Best Collaboration at the 2015 Zimdancehall awards.

It was at this point that Fungisai made her major public appearance as a Zimdancehall artiste. Trying to impress and look the part, she rocked up on the awards red carpet in a plush convertible BMW with four bikers escorting her. Mission accomplished it was as she momentarily stole the limelight at the event.

Fungisai Mashavave-Zvakavapano aka Killer F or Ras Fungi not happy about POSEBut surprisingly, she seemed to have diverted all the attention to the grand entrance and forgot to focus on her outfit which got people talking as it was somehow outdated. Adding onto the not so nice outfit, Fungisai went on to hog the limelight with a weird pose on the red carpet where it looked like she was squatting. As a result of the unusual pose, people are now enjoying cartooning her, photo shopping her picture with other unrelated ones to make it hilarious.

This has, however, angered the Makomborero hit-maker who is clearly not used to such scrutiny from the public as she has been hiding behind the gospel.

Yesterday, through her Facebook fan page, Fungisai bemoaned what she calls cyber bullying by people who have created memes criticising her for poor dress sense and picture poses. She said this was the worst time of her life as she has lost appetite and sleep over the issue.