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Funeral turns into party after deceased granny resurrects




VILLAGERS of Chikamba area in Jambezi had an odd scenario when a dead woman resurrected during body viewing forcing mourners to turn the funeral into a party where they feasted and drank beer in joy for her resurrection.

After rising from the dead, the elderly woman, Keresia Tshuma, died seven days later leaving people suspicious that she had a mission to complete before her final departure. A reliable source from the village revealed that the incident left tongues wagging with a lot of versions.

Gogo Tshuma was over 90. When she died people gathered waiting for her children to come for the funeral. “They arrived at home a day after her death and brought a coffin. On the second day, which was supposed to be the burial day, gogo MaTshuma came back to life. “Unfortunately, all preparations had been made and two cows had been slaughtered therefore people started partying,” said the source

It is reported that after Tshuma had risen from the dead, her coffin was sold and children returned to their workplaces. She passed away seven days later. Jambezi Ward 7 Councillor Binwell Sibanda confirmed the incident. “We had a strange incident. Gogo MaTshuma died and rose when people were preparing to take her to her final resting place. “People had gathered after she was declared dead, surprisingly she came back to life. She died again a week later,” said Clr Sibanda. He revealed that neighbours and the deceased’s family were shocked by the incident. The deceased’s son Mbengwa Ncube confirmed the reports, but refused to shed more light saying it was not newsworthy.

“Yes, she came back to life but was still very ill. That is not news, go back to your sources as we are still in pain after the loss of our mother,” he said. B Metro

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