Franco Slomo introduces new dance


NIMBLE-footed dance wizard Francis “Slomo” Dhaka has introduced a new dance routine dubbed Scholar dance in which he pounds the stage with his feet while his waist is furrowed like a Chinese robot.

The Extra Kwazvose frontman left fans clamouring for more when he unveiled the dance during a show at Club Mandisa in Mutare at the weekend.

Dhaka, affectionately known as Franco Slomo by his legion of fans, captured the crowd’s imagination with his scintillating choreography.

Slomo would swerve left and right slowly, like a flying eagle, then pounce on the stage with the trademark Borrowdale dance.

He brought the auditorium to its knees at a well-attended show when he demonstrated the new dance routine in which he was complemented by two youthful dancers.

The Scholar dance left sungura music enthusiasts excited. Also not to be outdone were the guitarists who displayed some intricate playing skills on the instrument, bringing out pure sungura music.

John “Chimbangambanga” Zanga was impressive on the bass guitar, showing some great skills, while lead guitarist Titus Vinyu never disappointed.

Vinyu showed his prowess on the guitar as he strummed the instrument to perfection.

Edmore Simon’s performance was sublime on the rhythm guitar, coming out with a pure sungura music touch.

The group played songs from their three albums Ndizvo Zviripo, Zvepasi Rino and Zvipo Zvedu. It was the song Gurajena that stole the limelight as excited fans called for its repeat, several times.

In an interview with NewsDay on the sidelines of the show, Slomo said he was now his own man.

“I am happy with this attendance. It shows that there are some people who like our music. I am now my own man now and I will not look back, I am ready to face the competition in this game,” he said.

“I am happy with my team and all the guys are very hard working because we are determined in our work.”

He said he was working on a new album titled Chiringe Nzira, expected to be released sometime in April this year.

While Slomo was riding high with his new dance, his former boss, Alick Macheso was also riding high with his new offering, Tsoka Dzerwendo.

Slomo made his name at Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo, before rebelling to form Extra Kwazvose a few years ago.