Fracas in the Avenues as Cross Border trader loses money to h00ker


The supposed desire to satiate se_xual cravings left a man stranded after losing money to a h00ker. The incident occurred along Selous avenue last Friday and left the man $200 poorer and stranded as his journey to Zambia was cut short since it was the only money he had on him.

The h00ker was only identified as Petronella.

Petronella reportedly pounced on the man, held him by the collar and searched his pair of trousers and took $200 meant for his journey.



“I never hooked her for se_x as alleged but she asked me to stop and started accusing me of failing to pay her for sucking my manhood the previous day,” he said. She never gave me a chance to defend myself and started searching my pockets and got off with my $200 I wanted to use as bus-fare to Zambia. I was just walking down the street when she approached me and her colleagues were following closely and I couldn’t not her. Zvezita siyanai nazvo varume, mari yangu yaenda pashaiwa andibatsira, pfambi dzavakutenge mhuka dzemusango.i could have been killed,” he added.

Petronella, who sells her body in the streets and housed at Kennedine court along Central avenue,    she hired a taxi to Mbare National where most h00kers who exort their potential clients hide. Men are losing money daily in the avenues as they lure their potential clients charging $2 for a ‘quickie’ and end up exorting or robbing them of all their money. Some of the cases go unreported to the police as victims are afraid of stigmisation.