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Fracas as two ho_rny teenagers are caught pants down having se_x in bar toilet




TWO lustful Kwekwe teenagers were caught pants down after they had decided to go for a quickie in a bar toilet in the CBD.

The two,whose names could not be identified,were caught in the act by alert imbibers who had been monitoring their movements in the bar.

They got into the bar as if they were going to use the toilet and then go out,but what drew my attention was the time they took to come from the toilet which got me questioning,”revealed one imbiber on anonymity grounds.

The teens,who were visibly drunk when this reporter got to the scene,are said to be from Amaveni suburb where they are said to have been going.

Another imbiber said he was attracted by moans of the girl who could not lower her volume due to pleasure.

“When we then decided to go and find out what was going on ,the boy then tried to escape through the roof top but failed,”said the source.

Bar personnel were then called and apprehended the two and handed them over to the police.

The pictures show the girl as she emerged from the toilet and the other one is of the boy as he tried to escape.

Source-B metro

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