Four Zimbabwean border jumpers in Botswana court


Four Zimbabwean men appeared before Broadhurst Magistrate Court on Monday facing twin charges of entering the country through an ungazetted entry point and attempted burglary.

Court heard that the accused quartet of Velapyi Dhiliwayo, Billy Mahukwa, Emmanuel Chatira and Luckson Chitambira broke into Ratega Botshelo Children Home Warehouse in Gaborone’s Block 3 industrial state on the 16th of September with the intention to steal.

The four are also accused of unlawfully jumping the fence that forms the boundary between Botswana and Zimbabwe near Ramokgwebana village in the North East District.


During mitigation, the first accused, 30-year-old Dhiliwayo pleaded with Magistrate Lilian Madabane to give him a lenient sentence, claiming to have two children that are dependent on him.

He added that he was a first-time offender who has learnt his lesson during the time he has already spent in prison.

Attempting to solicit the court’s sympathy, Dhiliwayo begged to be forgiven, arguing that he has already suffered greatly as he was shot in the leg during the break in.

Similarly, Dhiliwayo’s co-accused appealed for leniency on the basis that they were all first-time offenders who promised never to repeat their crimes.

All four men were further remanded in custody and will appear for sentencing on the 10th of November.