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Four years without s-ex: ‘I still have feelings for men




SOUTH AFRICA – Her husband hasn’t had sex with her in four years! Instead, he leaves her horny while he allegedly hunts for younger women

A sad Gugu Ngwenya (51) admitted that her 24-year marriage hasn’t been a happy one.

But now her husband’s cheating ways are there for all to see on Facebook! After their son (12) bust his dad.

Gugu said old wounds were opened after her son showed her pictures on his tablet of her husband’s nyatsi.

Her husband had posted it on his Facebook account. Gugu from Protea Glen, Soweto said seeing the pictures reminded her of how many times he had cheated on her.

It started when she had their three children.

“As soon as he had made me pregnant, he would leave and stay away for a long time. Then he’d come back sick and broke. I always welcomed him back into my bed because I loved him. But I have had enough. I want to divorce him,” said Gugu.

But he never uses his powers on me. I would ask him to poke me but instead he’d get out of bed, promising me sex the following morning. I later moved out of the room. I was being tortured while he was enjoying life with other women.

“I am still young. I still have feelings for men, especially my husband.”

Gugu said women he had cheated with would come and tell her about it.

“Just this past December I gave a young woman some hot klaps when I found out what she was doing with my man!”

Daily Sun spoke to Peter Ngwenya (47) who confirmed that he hadn’t had sex with his wife for many months.

“It has not been four years as my wife alleges, but it has been a couple of months since we had sex,” said Peter.

He claimed that he only had one girlfriend whom he dumped a long time ago and had not been in contact with her. Peter said the muthi was last used when he was still intimate with Gugu. Daily Sun


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