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DJ Zinhle goes above and Beyond For Murdah Bongz

The concept of true love is often debated and some conclude that it does not exist. We have seen some of our favourite celebs unexpectedly end their relationships just when you thought it would be a forever thing.

For DJ Zinhle, she seems pretty smitten over Murdah Bongz and she is not afraid to show it. Speaking to SMag, Zinhle shared what she thinks true love is and whether it exists in her relationship with Murdah Bongz.
When asked what is the meaning of true love, she said, “Emotional security, pure happiness, butterflies and mutual respect for each other.

We often hear of ‘love language’ which is used to describe how a person communicates their love for their partner. For Zinhle, she told the publication that she is a very clingy person so she wants to spend quality time with Murdah Bongz.

A few months back Zinhle revealed that she is the recipient of the non-existing Girlfriend Of The Year Award. She said Murdah hit the jackpot when he got her as his woman. With me he got a girlfriend of the year, I am thee most best girlfriend. You can even ask any of my exes, they know that when it comes to girl friending, I’m the best in the game. I’m the best girlfriend anyone can ever have,” she says.

With all this love going on, we have to take it back to the time Murdah stole Zinhle’s heart. A fan had asked Zinhle “how did Bongani show you that he likes you?”

He did this by sampling an old letter she wrote to her father just after he died in 2010. Bongani found it in her old collection and then made a new record from her old songs.

“I found a vinyl record from my old collection, on the cover was a letter I wrote to my dad after he died in 2010. I don’t even remember writing that letter but I was super emotional when I found it. Bongani took the record, sampled it and made a song for me,” she shared.

Source: News365

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