First time yangu namai vepanext-door, kuonesa married woman pono – Part 1


First time yangu namai vepanext-door, kuonesa married woman pono – Part 1. Ndanga ndichangopedza kunyora form 6 and had lots of free time that I spend on the TV with DVDs that I could source..

I loved watching movies and not your normal kind of movies… I was a teenager a hormone filled boy who wanted a chance at anyone with a skirt and so my movies and magazines were musvo videos mostly… Trust me Masasi eHarare any boy my age has a bag like mine remablue movies.

Them one day a miracle happened…. Mai Takunda from next door a married woman asked me for some DVDs hanzi she was bored as the hubby was always away. I skimmed a dirty dirty plan ndikati nhasi Ndoda kuvapa size chaiyo inoenderana navo.

I have seen her lots of times vakapfeka twumini twavo vachitamba Jah Prayzah vakabata doro so I knew exactly what to give her… Ndakaisa disc rehardcore chaiyo mucase yakanzi Twilight Saga… Ndakasekerera kaEvil smile ndichipa mukadzi uyu video resviro…

This was Friday manheru and I didn’t see her till Monday Kuseni murume wacho aenda kubasa… wakaita kundidenha chaiko hanti Welly she called over the fence…. Mom and Dad were both staying kuNew Stand saka it was just me and my brother who had gone to work. I ignored the first call and she came knocked on the door and shouted again….

Ndakaita kunge I didn’t know what’s she was talking about and acted all innocent… she knocked again and I want and opened the door and has zvandakaona ipapo ndakatunda same time ndisina kubata mboro…….. more to come don’t miss all the action on part 2….