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Fio Teacher seeks protection from abusive lover



man beating wife in Harare

A teacher at Highfield High School, Leona Mashawi has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her cohabiting partner whom she alleged was in the habit of assaulting her and sending death threats to her.

Leona Mashawi on Tuesday pleaded with magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi to evict Crispen Gohwe from their house accusing him of also financially exploiting her.

“I can no longer stay with him because he beats and insults me, yet he does not even pay the rentals,” Mashawi said.

“I am already a father and mother to my child because he does not make any financial contributions.”

The court further heard Gohwe was also accusing Mashawi of dating their landlord and other male teachers at the school.

“Whenever I communicate with my male workmates, he beats me up accusing me of dating them,” Mashawi said.

Gohwe opposed the application and accused Mashawi of infidelity.

“I once saw a text from (name withheld)who was inviting her to spend a night at his house,” Gohwe said.

He told the court despite having discovered Mashawi’s alleged infidelity he never assaulted her.

“I did not beat her up even when I had the evidence, I just confronted her verbally,” Gohwe said.

The magistrate granted the protection order instructing Gohwe not to physically and verbally abuse Mashawi, but said she could not evict him from the house.

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