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“F#ck you President Mugabe” Says Acie Lumumba – WATCH VIDEO



Acie Lumumba

The controversial Leader of the just launched Viva Zimbabwe youth political party Acie Lumumba has openly told Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe “F#ck you” in front of a packed press conference at a Harare hotel, surprising people cheered….

Lumumba said this while announcing the launch of the new political party for the youth which he leads as interim chairman.

Lumumba bravely said the swear words claiming to be drawing a red line against him and President Mugabe who he claims his new party is out to dethrone come 2018.

“President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, f#ck you. I have drawn the red line come and get me if you want to. I am here and my name is Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba, am saying it three times so that you hear it clearly” said the 26 year old former ZANU PF youth leader who had his S-E-X Tape Leaked a few weeks ago.

Lumumba went further to threaten that if Mugabe gets him arrested and tortured for his statement the same fate will meet his own children later in life when the President is gone.

“I am a son of a brave war veteran and am not afraid. Whatever happens to me after this will happen to your children after you are gone,” said Lumumba. “This is not a threat at all.”

The unapologetic young leader reiterated his sentiments in a question and answer session claiming that what he said is exactly the feeling of all young people of Zimbabwe and he is saying it on behalf of all other young Zimbabweans.

The meeting ended prematurely with state security agents storming into the conference room demanding for an end of the conference. Lumumba was immediately whisked away from the hotel through the back door by people who at this stage remain unclear if they were his fellow party members or state security agents. His where about is also not clear at the moment as his Secretary General Agents Gumbo who was still surrounded by journalists would also not disclose.


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