Family wakes up to find five freshly dug graves


Villagers in the Mashayamombe area in Mhondoro were left dumbfounded when a family belonging to the Marenga family woke up to find five freshly dug graves at their burial site.

Despite the burial site being just 200m from the Marenga homestead, nothing was heard during the night in which the graves were supposedly dug. To add to the mystery, after the discovery of the graves, one of Headman Marenga’s daughter died, under unclear circumstances.

Asked about the odd occurrences, Headman Marenga blamed witchcraft for causing the mysterious events.

“We were alerted by a group of women who had set out early to take their herd of goats to some pastures close to the burial site. We then went to see for ourselves. Five graves had been dug out among other graves of family members.

“Of the five, two were adult-sized and the other three were child-sized. What also amazed us was the presence of a broken clay pot and pieces of red cloths. When we left the site, my daughter Efa Marenga Chaitezvi, who was healthy and fit, died mysteriously,” he said.

“She just started vomiting and passed away moments later. This is clearly the work of evil people, witches to be precise. We think that the five graves mean that we are going to lose five of our family members under mysterious circumstances. Already we have lost one, so maybe there are four to go,” Headman Murenga said.

He also said he had made a report to Chief Mashayamombe as well the police at ZRP Mubaira Growth Point.

Various members of the Marenga family are now living in fear of what might be. They are yet to come together to decide how to deal with the issue, but there is consensus that the family needs to consult with traditional healers as to how to deal with and also get to the bottom of the issue.

Some witnesses who saw the graves say inside were footprints which seemed to be those of little children. This has deepened the speculation among the villagers that the circumstances surrounding the events were highly linked to witchcraft.

One of Chief Mashayamombe’s aides confirmed having received a report of the matter and said that they had sent representatives to go and see the graves. On the other hand, Mashonaland West police spokesperson, Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara, denied having received a report on the issue.