Prominent Harare Prophet who was b0nking married congregants exposed on Live Radio


A Harare Prophet was severely humiliated after his shenanigans with congregants were exposed on Live Radio.

Prophet Mapfumo of His Grace Ministries was in the habit of bonking church women under the disguise of prayer sessions.

He would order women to come for prayers with vaseline and then proceed to undress them.

He would argue with the helpless women that “You undress for doctors,and why not your pastor.”

The women in most cases would have no choice but to agree to Mapfumo’s demands.

The vaseline was Mapfumo ‘s secret weapon as he would rub the women in sensitive places until they became ho_rny resulting in the Prophet taking advantage of them.

On the fateful day Mapfumo received a phone call From Tilda Moyo to attend her show on Star FM.

Thinking this would boost his public image,Mapfumo agreed and notified his followers to tune in,not knowing he had fallen into a trap.

Below is the audio recording from Tilda ‘s show