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Emtee is a Gentleman – Pearl Thusi

Celebrity friendships are a good thing to see but there is something about Pearl Thusi‘s friendship with Emtee – we just can’t put our finger on it. One thing we do know, is that they care deeply for one another and are not afraid to show it.

Pearl Thusi scored herself a date with Twitter’s most famous serial dater, Michael Bucwa, AKA Mr. SMEG. But fans expressed concern over Emtee saying he made a whole hit song about Pearl Thusi, named Pearl Thusi and even featured Pearl herself, but all he got was a shoutout and a friendship, not even a date.

Now, we know the fan was trolling because they added that the Manando hitmaker did not even get a hand shake.

“Once upon a time someone even realise a song called “Pearl Thusi” but didn’t even get a date, not even a hand shake, oww poor @emteerecords,” said the tweep.

Pearl Thusi however defended Emtee, like they always defend each other, and narrated a time when Emtee was the ultimate gentleman to her.

She said Emtee invited her to a plane after she attended a gig and also made sure that she got home safely. She said this was so gentleman like of him.

Source: News365

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Prince Kaybee0

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