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Econet puts Wifi Hotspots in Kombis




Econet Wireless is rolling out a new service whereby commuters will soon be able to enjoy Wi-Fi as they ride in Kombis to work or to town.

Econet forges ahead with its plan to improve connectivity in and around the country. The company will this month launch the pilot phase of the WiFi provision on the selected commuter mini-buses (kombis). As part of a pilot phase, Wi-Fi will be installed on 100 mini buses, a local publication has revealed.




During this test phase Econet hopes to take advantage of the 7x Promotion which last week added “free Wi-Fi MB” to every MB bought. Which means that if you buy 100 MB you will get 100 MB Wi-Fi bundles. The Wi-Fi in combos will first be tested on the various feeder routes across the country.

Speaking to a source close to the development, he said delivering free Wi-Fi connectivity in kombi buses will permit commuters to be creative while traveling. They will be able to send e-mails, read the news, talk and engage in work and online social activities.

If the trial proves to be successful, Econet wireless will be looking at the possibility of extending the Wi-Fi-on-the-go service with country wide roll out, said a source.

In 2014, Econet started setting up Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, and as of Friday last week (1/07/2016) had over 200 hotspots.

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