Drama in the Avenues as 2 pro-stitutes are busted with 15 year old school boy


There was drama along Central Avenue in Harare when onlookers bayed for the blood of two young h00kers who had enlisted the services of a 15-year-old schoolboy on Friday morning.

Pr_ostitutes Female vendors confronted the two defiant ladies of the night as kombi crew and people having early lunch at a backyard food stall mobbed the hookers.

Eyewitnessessaid that the h00kers attracted the attention of onlookers when they took the boy who wore an Ellis Robbins school uniform to the food stall to buy sadza around 10am.

Female food vendors casually asked the skimpily dressed and known h00kers who the boy was, and they said he was a friend.


After buying their food, they returned to a rundown flat at the corner of Central Avenue and Eighth Street.

Drama started when one of the se_x workers went back to the food stall and the female vendors asked her where the student, who is believed to be in Form 2, had gone.

The hooker bragged that he was having a good time with her friend at the flat.

This incensed the female vendors who mobilised patrons and other passerby to besiege the flat and “rescue” the student.

Sensing danger, the hooker ran back to the flat and advised the boy to flee using a sanitary lane.

The two prostitutes then came out and confronted the angry crowd, hurling insults at them.

One of the female vendors threw stones at the hookers, hitting one of them.

Commuter omnibus drivers and touts joined in and threatened to beat up the se_x workers, but they remained defiant.

“As a parent, I am pained by this. This boy’s parents probably think he is at school when these pro-stitutes are busy spending his pocket money,” said one of the female vendors.

She added: “We have established that this is not the first time school children are seen at the flat. It seems the brothel is popular with high school students. What a shame!”